K-9 Search & Rescue Training

K9 Search and Rescue Certified Emergency Response Training Inc. (K9SAR CERT) is a non-profit organization located in New York State dedicated to training, supporting and promoting the use of volunteer K9 Search and Rescue Teams.

Right now across the United States, specially trained K9 Search and Rescue Teams stand ready to respond in a time of crisis. These volunteers are critical in the aftermath of large-scale disasters such as hurricanes, floods, building collapses and avalanches. In smaller-scale rescue missions, these volunteers lend their specialized skills and local knowledge to locate missing or lost people.

To assist in community preparedness, volunteer K9 Search and Rescue Teams must train to assure their skills are current and meet nationally compliant standards. K9 SAR CERT provides low-cost, high-quality instruction in wilderness, water, avalanche and urban rescue and specialized training for critical populations (e.g. children, the elderly) and specific search conditions. Instruction is done on a group basis to provide the opportunity for teams in different geographic regions and specialties to work together. In the event of an emergency, K9 SAR CERT can provide law enforcement and government agencies with local teams who are specifically trained to work in that type of rescue mission.

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K9SARCert is a racially nondiscriminatory organization.

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